Group Training

workplace training1We provide Group Training, which is an employment and training arrangement whereby an organisation employs apprentices and trainees under an Apprenticeship/Traineeship Training Contract and places them with host employers. We undertakes the employer responsibilities for the quality and continuity of the apprentices’ and trainees’ employment and training. We also manages the additional care and support necessary to achieve the successful completion of the training contract.

The goals of our group training are to:
1. create additional employment opportunities for apprenticeships and traineeships that otherwise might not have existed;
2. provide for continuity of employment of apprentices and trainees through to the completion of their Apprenticeship/Traineeship Training Contract;
3. improve the quality and range of training available to apprentices and trainees, particularly small and medium business;

To achieve these goals, we:

  • employ apprentices and trainees and place them with host employers;
  • are responsible for meeting the obligations of the employer as outlined in the Apprenticeship/Traineeship Training Contract and managing and monitoring arrangements with host employers; and
  • provide care and support throughout the apprenticeship or traineeship.